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Ramdiya, the lotus of rambagh
A symbol of royalty and grace, 'Ramdiya' is an exquisite interpretation of an architectural marvel. Hand Crafted in ceramic, this layered decorative plate holds candles, and even flowers, bringing home a rich and beautiful experience.
Inspired by the lotus fountain, the iconic symbol of the luxury and grandeur of the

Jaipur Rambagh Palace, this contemporary avatar has three layers of petals that can shimmer with tea lights or can be adorned with your favorite flowers.
The alluring design evokes the romanticnd ethereal feeling associated with the Rambagh palace.

Product code MUBHOJ000185856
Product Ramdiya
Color White gloss ceramic
Dimensions 390mm x 290mm x21 mm
Material Ceramic
Handicrafts Ceramic casting
Net quantity 1 no.
Content Ramdiya top part, Ramdiya middle part, Ramdiya base part, Story card
Packaging Paper
Box Size 380mm x 340mm x 135mm
Weight 2000 g
Care Ceramic plates are heavy and fragile. Handle with care.
Dispatch Time 2-5 working days

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