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Crafted with love and designed to perfection, mubhi invokes memories, stories and brightens lives by overlaying the familiar with the new and surprising. Just like stories travel and have the ability to adapt and inspire people, craft and cultures, our products are also rooted in way of life, they grow and evolve with the user, and find new meanings.

mubhi creates products that are functional and equally delightful. Our products have an exquisite touch of local artistry combined with design excellence and are certified by our heart.


Our Team

Great products are created not because of demand but by demanding the mind for a better product. At mubhi we believe the world needs meaningful products that are excellent, unique, and connect with people. Our products are works of art created by the best artisans and designed to perfection with the latest technology.




 Abhijit Bansod

Co-founder & CEO 

Abhijit has been part of the Indian product design history for over 17 years. Known for his timeless fluid design sensibility, he is the winner of Red Dot design and many other awards. He was a member of the Cannes Design Jury in 2012.

what is next: Will there be more to India beyond Bollywood, Curry, Yoga and Ayurveda?

what he thinks of mubhi: An earthy twist and a cartwheel perspective of design, creating beautiful and functional products that tug at our roots in exciting new ways.


Amrita Bansod 


Amrita is a product designer with a unique eye for detail and beautiful forms. Her sense of design is elegance come to life, an endearing visual poetry reflecting in every aspect of design she has engaged in e.g. watches, sunglasses, furniture, trophies, lifestyle products and even caricatures.

what is next: Products must be experience-driven, not materialistic.

what she thinks of mubhi: Design-led, layered with meaningful stories and a strong modern Indian aesthetic. mubhi intersects with emotions through exquisite craft, anticipating the future with its use of cutting-edge technology.

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