Nakshatraa small, the tree of lights
Standing tall with its blend of two distinct handicraft styles, the Nakshatraa brings the aura of a constellation into your home.
12 impeccable Rose-Gold flowers light up with candles inside them, illuminating your house and spirit with its beautiful glow.

The topmost chamber holds dhoop or incense, while the beaten metal base plate at the bottom can hold flowers or clay lamps suspended in water. A central column meticulously spun out of seasoned Ankudu Wood attracts the eye with its palette of vibrant natural hues.
An absolutely stellar experience with and even without the lights!

Product code MUBHOJ000185851
Product Nakshatraa Small
Color Copper plated color, Natural Red Dye Stem
Dimensions 350mm x 350mm x 650mm
Material Aluminum, MS, Wood
Handicrafts Channapattana wood craft, Hand sheet-metal forming, Casting, Wire frame making, Plating, Polishing
Net quantity 1 no.
Content Metal base, Bottom screw, 3wood stem with male and female fastners , 12 Diyas, Doop holder, Doop cover, Story cards
Packaging Paper
Box Size 340 x 340 x 150 mm
Weight 2000 g
Care Do not wash or clean wood with water.
Be cautious around flame.
Keep product away from substances that may catch fire.
Dispatch Time 5-9 working days

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