SKU: MUBHOJ000185857

DIY-a, pyramid of lights
An enchanting array of lights, DIY-A is a set of 10 beautifully handcrafted terracotta diyas with a contemporary twist!

These modular “Do It Yourself – Diyas” give you the freedom and joy to build your own unique pyramid of lights with its versatile lego construction. Pair them up with tea lights or flowers and create vibrant rangoli patterns and you are all set to allure goddess Lakshmi to visit your abode every Diwali!

Product code MUBHOJ000185857
Product DIY-a
Color Natural terracotta color
Dimensions 100mm x 56mm x32mm
Material Terracotta
Handicrafts Terracotta pottery work
Net quantity 1 set (10 nos.)
Content Diy-a set of 10 diyas, Story card
Packaging Paper
Box Size 250mm x 130 mm x 120mm
Weight 1000 g
Care Be cautious around flame.
Keep away from any substances that may catch fire.
Dispatch Time 2-5 working days

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