SKU: MUBHOJ000185854


Nazarbattu, when life gives you lemons!
The Nazarbattu revisits an old ritual through a modern & kitschy
makeover, giving it a more contemporary avatar for today's audience.
Ward off all evils forever and keep your home and businesses safe from
all the evil spirits. Let all the happiness be yours for always.

Product code MUBHOJ000185854
Product Nazarbattu
Color Aluminum polished color
Dimensions 90mm x 160mm x 40 mm
Material Aluminum, Tassels, Beads
Handicrafts Casting, Polishing
Net quantity 1 no.
Content Metal lemon, 5 metal chillies, Tassel and bead, Story card
Packaging Paper
Box Size 200mm x  110mm x 55mm
Weight 120 g
Care NA
Dispatch Time 2-5 working days

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