SKU: MUBHOJ000185852

Money Plant, money does grow on trees!
There is an infamous paradigm, “Money does not grow on trees”.
We at Studio ABD however beg to differ...
We believe it does and hence the Money Plant.

This beautiful casted aluminum tree glazed with bright hues grabs
holds all the coins thrown at it and arranges them like leaves on
its truncated trunk!

Product code MUBHOJ000185852
Product Money Plant
Color Black/Yellow
Dimensions 180mm x 180mm x 90mm
Material Aluminum, Earth magnet
Handicrafts Casting, Painting
Net quantity 1 no.
Content Money plant (Aluminum tree, 3 earth magnets, round acrylic covers), Story cards
Packaging Paper
Box Size 190mm x 190mm x 150mm
Weight 600 g
Care Strong magnet, keep away from all electronic devices.
Dispatch Time 2-5 working days

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